Frequently asked questions

Here you can check the frequently questions in the anonymous reporting channel of Scoolinary

Can I report an employment situation if I do not belong to the company?

Yes, the channel is open for different actors in the business ecosystem to help detect unlawful activities. In any case, if they are complaints about the service offered, there are other channels available to submit such complaints.

How is confidentiality guaranteed?

People accessing the reports are subject to the principle of confidentiality and the privacy policy.

It is very important that users read and understand the privacy policy and accept its terms, otherwise it will not be possible to send data through this channel.

I have lost my password to check the status of my complaint. What can I do?

Unfortunately, for security reasons, only the whistleblower knows your access code and password. If you lose either of them, you will not be able to follow up on the communication. This does not mean that the communication will not continue, but simply that you will not be able to see how it is progressing, or to provide further information if the company requires it.

If there is an emergency, should I use this channel?

No, this channel is not intended to handle urgencies or emergencies. Contact the authorities or emergency services in this case.

Is it possible to file complaints anonymously?

Yes, anyone has the possibility to act anonymously.

Is it possible to report a fact without evidence?

Complaints must be made in good faith and must be based on the existence of indications of an unlawful or criminal act and/or an act contrary to the Code of Ethics. Therefore, it is recommended that they be supported by documentary evidence, testimonies and/or any other instrument that may serve as evidence to carry out the investigation.

What are the consequences of having a complaint investigated?

If the investigation confirms the facts reported, Scoolinary will first of all immediately take all necessary measures to put an end to such acts or to prevent their recurrence. Subsequently, depending on the seriousness of the facts, appropriate legal and/or disciplinary action may be taken against the person or persons allegedly responsible.

What happens if the content of a complaint is subsequently found to be false?

If the investigation shows that no infringement has taken place, and it is concluded that the complainant acted in good faith, the complainant should not fear any retaliation.

What is a whistleblower channel?

A whistleblowing channel is a mechanism available to any natural or legal person who has any kind of relationship with Scoolinary, through which they can report an irregularity, wrongdoing or offence that may adversely affect the company.

What is the procedure once a complaint has been filed? 

Upon becoming aware of a possible breach of the regulations, the channel manager will proceed to open a file and its respective investigation.

Subsequently, a report will be issued and sent to the "Committee", which must decide on the respective measures or sanctions to be applied.

Once the resolution of the complaint has been communicated and the appropriate sanctions have been proposed, the investigation file will be closed and the complaint will be archived.

Who can report a crime?

Any person who has been the subject of any action involving misconduct or who has witnessed wrongdoing or an infringement in an employment or professional context, i.e. employees, self-employed persons, shareholders, members of the administrative, management or supervisory body of the company, including employees and non-executive members, may report a crime.

Who manages the Complaints Channel?

The whistleblowing channel will be managed by the company's People department, who will be the Channel Manager.

The body responsible for proposing disciplinary measures or sanctions shall be the Ethics.

In the event that the person involved is the person who manages the complaints channel, the complaint can be made with the full conviction that it will reach the relevant authorities, due to the internal audit to which the channel is subject.